We do this business because we want couples to be able to have a reception that matches their personalities and their faith.  We put as much preparation and heart into every reception as if it were our own.



A night's events might vary from couple to couple, but our energy, support, professionalism, affordability and stress free service come in the package every time.  At our personal consultation with you (or via phone if there is some distance), we try to get to know you like good friends.  This helps us to suggest ideas for you from the dozens of weddings that we have done, and create new ones that will bring a uniqueness to your reception.

We (Rick and Marla) arrive at your venue two hours before any of your guests could arrive, and are totally set up with background music playing when they start trickling in.  We keep things moving and coordinate all entrances, speakers, announcements, special touches and activities that you want your night to hold so that there are no "dead" spots, and guests are drawn seamlessly through the night.  We communicate with your photographer and videographer so they are prepared for all of their shots.  If you have a wedding coordinator, we feel very comfortable working with them so that you get the maximum quality out of both services.

You can be assured that you will never hear a song at your reception that has inappropriate lyrics. We keep it classy and pure fun for everyone!  We carry a wide range of music from the 1920's to today (secular and Christian) that includes genres like dance, swing, disco, country, CCM and hip hop.  We blend it all together for a dance floor for all guests.



We've worked with couples a few times where this was the case. We were able to entertain through games with the couple and large group activities, sometimes in lieu of a dance, and sometimes with a dance to follow.



Our fee is $850.  Traveling costs are included for up to 90 minutes from Racine, Wisconsin.  If your reception is an hour and a half to three hours away, we add $150.   If your reception is three to four and a half hours away, we add $300.  If your reception is farther than that, call us to see what we can do.  If you would like us to run sound at your ceremony (indoor or outdoor), we can do that for an additional $150.

Our flat rate and simple pricing includes all of our preparation, travel, set-up and tear down, dinner music, and dance with our lighting system.  We do not charge by the hour because we pour our resources into your reception no matter how long it is.



If you and your fiancé decide that we are right for you, we will send you a contract to sign.  When you send that back, we ask that you pay $150 as a down payment to put you "in pen" on the calendar.  The balance of total amount is due two weeks before your reception.  Along the way, there will be lots of planning!  We are big on communication, and welcome calls or emails at any time.



Head to the "Contact Us" page, ask away, and we will answer as soon as we can!